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With Season 1, Call of Duty: Vanguard introduced two new maps, Radar and Paradise. The latter is a perfectly playable map, complete with long sightlines and plenty of choke points. However, Vanguard’s Radar is among the buggiest map launches in Call of Duty history, featuring numerous glitches. From spawning into death to players having wall hacks, Radar needs some serious work. Sledgehammer Games should probably begin with the several glitches that let players get outside of the map.

Radar and Paradise are the second and third post-launch maps to arrive, with Shipment being the first. Shipment has had its issues with spawns, as it always does, and Paradise has been relatively smooth so far. Those maps’ problems pale in comparison to the rising number of issues currently plaguing Radar matches, though.

New glitch on Radar in Vanguard multiplayer

As of the time of writing, Sledgehammer has not released an update to address any of the issues on Radar. This means players can continue to take advantage of the map glitches, including getting outside of it permanently.

Players discovered that if they run outside of the map and outlast the death timer that appears, nothing will happen. Usually, players die when the death timer appears but on Radar, it simply expires and players are free to walk around outside of the map’s playable boundaries.

This can be done in two different areas on the map. The first is on the beach side, near the back of the map with the scaffolding. Players can hop over the fence and run into the water near the beach without any consequences. The second spot is on the northern side of the map, which allows players to get up on the rocks surrounding Radar.

Both spots let players shoot enemies on the map. They can even stay hidden behind objects that players on the map can’t see. This had led to players earning high killstreaks using these glitched spots. This glitch, along with others on Radar, should be high up on Sledgehammer Games’ priority list. An update for Vanguard to address these issues has yet to be announced.