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It has only been a few days since Riot Games announced Legends of Runeterra’s official release, and already the first spoiler has been revealed. Quinn, the ranger-knight of Demacia, is the first new champion coming to Legends of Runeterra. Riot gave us a pretty detailed look at how the champion works while also revealing a new mechanic, Scout, coming to the game. Quinn additionally comes with the trusty eagle, Valor. When Quinn enters the field she summons Valor, a 2/1 with challenge and Scout.

Quinn and Valor swoop into Legends of Runeterra

Quinn levels up after she has seen you attack four times — not just attacking with four units, but four attack steps. This is made easier with the new mechanic, Scout. When only units with the Scout keyword attack, players get another attack token. Similar to how the card Rally works, players get a second chance to attack. Players can keep attacking with just units with Scout and keep getting attack tokens, so long as your units survive.

When Quinn does level up, she summons another Valor unit when she attacks. This time, Valor is attacking and forcing the strongest enemy unit to challenge it. Quinn’s champion spell is Blinding Assault and summons another Valor unit. 

The other unit that was spoiled during the video is Grizzled Ranger. Grizzled Ranger comes with the new Scout keyword too, and when it dies it creates a new unit in hand. This unit is a 3 mana 4/4 with no abilities.

It might be a little too soon to say what type of deck Quinn will fit into. The Mono-Demacia lists that have been dominating the meta lately might work nicely. All the Barrier effects and other units with challenge could allow for a pretty powerful synergy. Since this is just the start of Runeterra’s spoiler season, we can expect to see more cards coming soon.

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