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Toronto hospital to host Quest to Conquer Cancer week-long fundraiser

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World Cancer Day happens to be on Feb. 4. A local hospital in Toronto is inviting gamers to take part in “Quest to Conquer Cancer.” This important initiative is hosted by the Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation. Gamers and streamers alike will participate to raise funds for cancer research here at the Princess Margaret Cancer Center. What’s important to note is that this hospital is actually one of the top five cancer research facilities in the world.

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The week-long event runs Feb. 4 – 10. It will be hosted by Shaun Hatton (Megashaun). Other popular influencers from around the world will be helping out with this important cause. SOAR Gaming, Agent 00, and  TDI Hockey are all participating too, and you can check out their streams the entire week. They will game their way to raise much-needed funds for cancer research. Megashaun had this to say about the upcoming event: “Cancer is deadlier enemy than any game boss, but even the toughest foes can be conquered!”

Wise words and only too true, sadly. Those interested can watch on Twitch or YouTube. You can also donate directly to Tiltify if you wish to contribute funds. The event starts off next Monday with a live streaming event that will take place here in Toronto at Uken Games Studio. I think it’s really neat that foundations are partnering with gamers to help raise donations. It seems to be a growing trend that isn’t going to slow down anytime soon, which is a good thing. Esports continues to grow and people love to game. It makes perfect sense to utilize that popularity and raise money at the same time.

The funds raised will not just go to help the Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation but also to help their international partners.They have partnered with facilities in Italy, Jordan, Spain, India, China, Kenya, and Germany. We will have an updated report for you once the event wraps up next week with a live broadcast. You can check out their Quest to Conquer Cancer website for more information. Our parent company Enthusiast Gaming is a proud partner of this very important cause.