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Quake Champions: new modes, bots rework, esports, and more

This article is over 5 years old and may contain outdated information

On July 27, fans of Quake Champions finally got to see plans for future developments for the game. A stream on Twitch showcased various team members on the Quake Champions board explaining what changes and features are set to come. New modes were revealed alongside confirmation of improved bots and cosmetic updates. Additionally, with the upcoming QuakeCon 2018 in August, esports was also a focal point of discussion. Here are the details concerning the upcoming changes.

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New Playable Modes

Quake Champions is fun. Really fun. However, for the time being, gamers can only play 1v1 competitive, 2v2 competitive, deathmatch, or team deathmatch modes. While these modes are great, the gameplay can become repetitive after a while. This may explain Quake’s relatively low player-base. New modes have definitely been highly requested by the Quake community for a while now.

Capture the Flag and Slipgate

Capture the Flag (CTF) is one of the most iconic game modes of fast-paced fps games. Upon installing Quake Champions for the first time, I was left wondering why CTF is not included. Well, this game mode has been officially confirmed and will soon appear on community test servers. For now, CTF will not allow flag carriers to use hero-specific abilities and the match will have two 10-minute halves, with teams switching sides at half-time.

The livestream also featured a totally new mode named Slipgate. Following the footsteps of Clan Arena mode from Quake Live, players will spawn with all weapons and overmax health and armor. To add to this, each player only has one life per round, meaning no respawns until one side wins the round. This mode, however, is more interesting because of the objective. One team needs to destroy a Slipgate, while the other must kill the attackers. If done right, this mode may prove to be very fun to play as well as give the game some additional flavor.

Arcade Mode

Arcade mode was also mentioned, having its own separate queue. This mode will have more random modes such as “rockets only” or “random heroes.” Sounds awfully familiar to the Arcade Mode that Overwatch has implemented in their game, doesn’t it? Nevertheless, a mode such as this may add some more diversity, and it will probably be aimed at players looking to just blow off some steam in a more chaotic game mode.

Smarter, more customizable bots

The bots in Quake Champions right now are not the brightest bunch. They can’t use their hero abilities, often bump or get stuck in walls, and have the reaction time of a sloth. On other occasions, they will railgun you with 100% accuracy the moment you leave that one doorway. The devs addressed this in the stream and have guaranteed that the upcoming bots will be smarter. They will finally use abilities, have better gun management, and will have no more wall bumping.

What’s more, players will be able to set up a custom game where they will face bots in a 4v4 match. The bots will also have four levels of difficulty, ranging from Easy to Nightmare.

Customization and loot boxes

Quake Champions features a system of customization through cosmetic rewards obtained from loot boxes. For now, it is pretty basic, with three different grades of loot boxes that have a varying chance of dropping different rarity cosmetics. The devs mentioned that they hope to reduce the number of duplicates that drop as well as make the loot boxes more diverse.

The daily reward is very underwhelming at the moment. Each player can get one backpack reward for completing three missions on a daily basis. It really is not much to make players excited. It was mentioned, however, that the daily rewards will be improved and diversified. Additionally, there will be seasonal rewards, starting from QuakeCon in August.

Players also have the option to support Quake Champions as an esport in the long run. By purchasing a limited Esports Showdown bundle, players will receive in-game currency, a 7-day XP boost, two Reliquaries, and an in-game gauntlet skin. It’s a hefty deal if you’re into the game and want to contribute to the growth of Quake Champions.


Last but certainly not least, the issue of esports found its place on the stream as well. The upcoming QuakeCon will feature a 2v2 tournament of Quake Champions with an impressive $200,000 prize pool. In addition, more tournaments have already been planned and announced. Tournaments such as Collegiate Star League, PGL, and DreamHack Winter were also mentioned. This shows that Quake Champions is growing as an esport. With bigger prize pools comes more interest on the international scene and potential growth for Quake Champions.

For a Quake Champions fan, new or old, the stream seems to be very promising. The update on new modes was definitely the biggest deal of them all. Variety is what is most needed right now to grab the interest of new players. Hopefully, Quake Champions receives those promised updates as fast as possible so that it may revitalize the quite-low player base that it is facing right now.

If you would like even more details on all this new content, here is the official article released the day after the livestream.