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First, they captured our hearts. Now, they’re capturing our flag. Capture the Flag is coming to Quake Champions.

A staple of first-person-shooters, two teams shoot it out to capture their opponent’s flag and bring it to their respective bases. The matches will last 20 minutes in total, split into two 10-minute halves. At halftime, the teams switch positions. Bethesda has stated, however, that they may implement a flag cap limit. An important feature of this CTF is that Champions cannot use any of their abilities while carrying the flag. They intend to get this game mode into their public test servers in the near future. Quake Champions, being very community-driven, is looking to their fanbase to help them tweak the mode for the best flag grabbin’, player-gibbin’ experience possible.

Champions can’t use any abilities while carrying the flag in this crazy new mode.

Much more already here in Quake Champions

There’s a lot more to be excited about in Quake Champions than CTF, though. Enter Slipgate. This is a newly available mode that takes the Clan Arena gameplay and throws in a task to complete. The 4v4 mode will be an offense vs. defense experience. Your mission, should you choose to accept it? Offense must seal the other team’s slipgate portal before it fully opens. Defense, however, must eliminate the attackers to gain victory. In case you’re wondering, “Wait, there’s gotta be a catch, right?” — that’s a bingo. The catch is every player only has one life. That’s right — no respawns until one team scores the win.

Tell me more about Slipgate, DES!

Well, fine. Players start by selecting their Champion each round and spawn in full health and overmax armor with full ammo. They have all weapons. Once dead, they enter spectator mode. id and Bethesda have also built some awesome new features for Slipgate that they’re planning on adding to other modes. These such features are 3rd person cam (!!!), team HUDs, and the ability to select Champions by round.

Champion Progression system getting a rehaul

Quake Champions is also redoing cosmetic item unlocking. They’ve implemented an entirely new system centered around Champions. Players are rewarded in Shards for completing specific challenges. Unlike normal Shards — which unlock random items through chests — players can spend the new Shards in Champion Progression. This allows them to unlock cosmetics for their Champion — eliminating redundant loot and reliance on luck.

The new-and-improved Champion Progression system focuses on players earning gear, instead of relying on luck.

New player swag and Battle Pass

Quake Champions has also changed their player rewards system. As players level up, they’ll now pass certain milestones. These milestones will earn the player rewards like vanity items and even Progression Shards. Players can check what kind of loot they can earn and when in the new system.

There’s also the Battle Pass. Costing 1000 Platinum, the Battle Pass acts as an upgrade to the rewards system. The pass offers players bonus weekly challenges and more items – some exclusive. Because of this new system, Quake Champions is reworking their current currency and loot box systems. Players can check out more in their official FAQ.

Are you excited about Capture the Flag coming to Quake Champions? Let us know!

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