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The final day of the PUBG Broadcaster Royale hosted on Twitch has come and gone! Teams from around the globe battled it out for three days, all leading up to the fateful final night.

Some of the world’s favourite Twitch streamers and opposing teams were fighting for a prize pool of $300,000. The event was streamed live from the players’ perspective, and the official BR Twitch channel live from PAX West at the Paramount Theatre.

Timeline of Twitch Finale Matches

Round 1: Team ASM (@fuffenzz & @EqanG412) claim the first win of the day, taking their celebrations to Twitter to show off their prizes.

Round 2: Streamers @DTreats and @Scurry secure the second win of the day, ending on a tense “tree-to-tree” battle that was clipped and sent to Twitter minutes after it happened.

Round 3: Xargon and Ko0416 clutch a close win on Sanhok. They pose for a side-by-side photo looking smug!

Round 4: With an unexpected turn towards the end of the battle, 2mae and Juneptv secure the clutch to win round 4.

Final Round: And on a final round, Team Zozzy (@Zoidm8 and @CosminAlb) celebrate their chicken dinner, with some real chicken for their dinner!

PUBG Broadcaster Royale Winner?

A massive congratulations go to Team Les Krotins, @THZ_PUBG, and @dahmien7, winning the grand finale season 1 championship tonight! They stormed the leaderboards with 956 points and racked up 24 kills between them.

The victory announcement appeared on PUBG‘s Twitter, congratulating the finalists and the winners in a short clip taken from the official stream.


Overall, the event was, again, a huge success prior to the PGI several months ago. Unfortunately, my previous predictions on Shroud & Just9n taking home the win were short fantasy, but we all enjoyed the event. Some time in the future, I’m sure there will be another great event live for us to watch and enjoy!

Let us know what you think in the comments of the event, and you can check out our other PUBG coverage here if you’d like.