Psyonix finally adds the Titanium White Dominus to Rocket League

Psyonix finally adds the Titanium White Dominus to Rocket League

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After months of waiting, Psyonix has finally given Rocket League fans what they want. The Titanium White Dominus is now available in the Item Shop for 1,100 Credits. According to the shop, it will only be available for the next 24 hours, so you need to hurry if you want to purchase the exotic car. This is a long time coming for Rocket League, as the Dominus is one of the most popular vehicles in the game. However, it was lacking any color variation like other cars, such as the Octane.

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The Dominus receives the royal treatment

If you ask any fan of Rocket League which color scheme is best, a majority will say Titanium White. It looks ultra clean on just about any cosmetic, which is why Titanium White items cost so much. For example, the Titanium White Octane is trading for around $85-90 right now on third-party markets.

While a lot of other vehicles in the game had the Titanium White body, the Dominus didn’t up until now. Fans didn’t really know why, seeing as the Dominus is the second most-used car in Rocket League behind the Octane.

Rocket League titanium white dominus

However, Dominus mains can now rejoice, if they have the funds. The Titanium White version of the muscle car costs 1,100 Credits, which is $10. The fan opinion on this pricing model is mixed at the moment. Some believe the price is too high for a single car body, and others feel it’s far too low.

Those in the latter category feel this way because of how high the Titanium White Octane price is. Back when Rocket League featured crates, some fans spent upwards of $100 dollars to secure their white Octane. Now, in the shop, a white Dominus costs $10.

At this point, Psyonix seems set on the price of the Titanium White Dominus.

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