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As if the off-season chaos needed another big surprise, PSG announced “with great sadness” that their Rocket League roster is departing from the organization. The unexpected announcement comes only a few weeks after the team won their second-ever major at DreamHack Valencia. However, PSG has also stated that they’re not yet done with Rocket League and that a further announcement will be made soon.

What about the players?

The initial thought one may have at such an announcement would be that the roster has been bought out by a rival. Why else would a team leave a large organization that they were seemingly happy with? But according to team captain Victor “Ferra” Francal, the roster is now looking for new organizations to sign with.

The ex-PSG team, who will now be going by their former name of Frontline, remains the same — including Ferra, Thibault “Chausette45” Grzesiak, and Emil “fruity” Moselund — with one new addition. RLCS caster and analyst David “yumi_cheeseman” Lane has been added as coaching staff as a try-out for the upcoming Beyond the Summit and DreamHack Montreal events, continuing a trend of Rocket League teams including coaches in their rosters.

Who will PSG sign?

With PSG free to sign a new team, the question is who? Until recently, the European RLCS had two unsigned teams. Following Triple Trouble’s disbanding and subsequent forfeit from the highest level, only one remains. The Bricks, formerly known as Flipsid3 Tactics and consisting of Francesco “Kuxir97” Cinquemani, Jack “Speed” Packwood-Clarke, and Linus “Al0t” Möllergren have been looking for a new organization since the previous off-season. With PSG looking for new players to sign, perhaps they finally have their window, but where the Frontline roster will sign is anyone’s guess for now. We can only hope for more large organizations to join the scene.

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