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Treyarch teased the return of one of the most popular game modes in Call of Duty today. The developers tweeted out an image that resembles a fan-favorite mode, Prop Hunt.

Originally making its debut in Modern Warfare Remastered, Prop Hunt throws away any conventional Call of Duty tactics. While still a game mode with kills and deaths, it is a stress-free and fun mode for all players. So, when can we expect this mode to make its way to Black Ops 4?

The return of Prop Hunt

Since being introduced to CoD in Modern Warfare Remastered, Prop Hunt has been a mainstay in every game. Both WW2 and Black Ops 3 had versions, and now Black Ops 4 is receiving the same treatment.

If you’re unaware of what Prop Hunt is, essentially there are two teams: the props and the hunters. The props can transform themselves into various objects related to whatever map the mode is played on. Their objective is to stay hidden from the hunters long enough to run out the timer and win the game. Hunters, meanwhile, are tasked with shooting any object on the map, hoping to find one of the five hidden props. Once found, the prop will desperately attempt to run away from the hunter to avoid being killed.

Each team alternates turns between being the props and the hunters. The first to win three rounds is declared the winner. As a truly fun game mode, fans everywhere are excited to get their hands on a new installment of Prop Hunt.

When is it coming to Black Ops 4?

Over the past week or so, Treyarch has been teasing various new content additions for its new Operation, Strike from the Shadows. The return of the map WMD, a new specialist, and changes to the Blackout map are all on the table.

However, Treyarch has made no official announcement concerning when this Operation will go live. Many expect it to launch next week, on PlayStation 4 first, since the current Operation expires then.

Fans also expect Prop Hunt to go live alongside the Strike from the Shadows Operation. The timing makes sense, and Treyarch has confirmed Prop Hunt will go live next week, which would line up with the new Operation. However, it’s not clear whether or not this mode will stick around after the Strike from the Shadows Operation is completed.

What’s your opinion on Prop Hunt? Let us know in the comments below. Keep up with Daily Esports for all Call of Duty news and updates