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COD Mobile has grown a lot since its launch, attracting players from outside the mobile gaming space. Its mix of previous Call of Duty content with frequent new updates is hard to match on the platform. COD Mobile’s success is now being recognized elsewhere, with Prime Gaming getting in on the action with a new set of rewards for players.

Prime Gaming, formerly known as Twitch Prime, is a reward system that Amazon Prime users can make use of. Essentially, the service partners up with games to deliver free rewards to players, so long as they have Amazon Prime. Of course, players can always sign up for a 30-day free trial, redeem the COD Mobile rewards and then cancel their subscription.

However, whatever route players take, they’ll need to know how to redeem their Prime Gaming rewards in COD Mobile.

Redeeming Prime Gaming rewards in COD Mobile

For starters, players will need to be a current subscriber to Amazon Prime. If they are, then they can complete the following steps. As previously mentioned, this works for trial members as well as full subscribers.

The steps below will take players through redeeming their rewards in COD Mobile.

  • Go to the Prime Gaming/COD Mobile loot page
  • Click “Claim Now” on the yellow HBRa3 offer
  • Use the log-in credentials for your Amazon Prime account
  • Click the “Continue” option that appears after entering log-in details
  • Click “Go to Activision” to sign into your Activision account
  • Use the log-in credentials for your Activision account
  • Click “Complete Claim”

Once all of these steps are complete, players will see the Epic HBRa3 with Moonstone skin and the Rare Abdominable Calling Card the next time they log-in to COD Mobile. The next Prime Gaming reward for COD Mobile will become available on Dec. 17 and it’ll involve an AK117 bundle.

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