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Late last night, a popular Twitch streamer, Carl Riemer, was having a fairly normal broadcast. A part of SoaR Gaming at the time, Carl has mainly made his living off streaming Call of Duty, though he does dabble in other games as well. However, on last night’s stream, things went downhill quickly for the prominent personality.

SoaR Carl fires weapon on Twitch

A different aspect of Carl’s live stream last night was he partook in some drinking while talking to his chat. This isn’t out of the ordinary for the Twitch streamer. But, of course, drinking can have its pitfalls.

One thing led to another, and Carl eventually picked up his pistol, which was lying on his desk, and acted like he was going to shoot. Of course, this was in a joking manner, and soon after the joke ended, he emptied the chamber of the pistol.

However, Carl forgot to empty the gun’s magazine, which apparently still had some bullets. Once Carl emptied the chamber, one of the bullets from the magazine recycled in its place. Carl believed that the gun was completely empty, but we now know that was false. That’s because, after the streamer emptied the chamber, he pulled the trigger, and a bullet fired from the pistol.


Obviously, this is a real weapon, as evidenced by the damage the bullet caused. It seems to have hit a G-Fuel tub along with some other items on the desk next to Carl. The SoaR member immediately realized his mistake, but it was too late. His channel was turned off by Twitch minutes after the incident occurred. Shortly after, his Twitch channel was deleted and Carl was banned from the site.

SoaR Gaming kicks the former Twitch streamer

Earlier today, SoaR Gaming released a statement condemning Carl’s actions. The organization revealed they had cut ties with Carl in all matters. After this news was made public, the now-former member of SoaR released this apology video.

Obviously, Carl didn’t mean to fire the weapon. However, every person, not just streamers, have a responsibility when they purchase a gun. Pairing this responsibility with drinking only increases the likelihood of something unfortunate occurring.

At this time, it’s unclear what will happen to Carl. It’s doubtful he will try streaming again in the near future, but he has made it clear his soon-to-be-wife is being supportive. If there’s something to be learned from this situation, it’s that you should never impair yourself while in the vicinity of something that can harm yourself or others.

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