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Pokémon UNITE launched on Nintendo Switch on July 21, including a full roster of 20 Pokémon to chose from. The characters are divided into five different archetypes called Battle Types. The various Battle Types include Attacker, Speedster, All-Rounder, Defender and Supporter. Additionally, each type offers in-game statistics and purpose within a single game of the Pokémon multiplayer online battle arena title.

Here is a list of the full roster of playable Pokémon in the game and their Battle Types:

Pokémon UNITE full roster

Pikachu – Attacker Zeraora – Speedster
Charizard – All-Rounder Cinderace – Attacker
Snorlax – Defender Garchomp – All-Rounder
Crustle – Defender Gengar – Speedster
Greninja – Attacker Cramorant – Attacker
Eldegoss – Supporter Alolan Ninetales – Attacker
Talonflame – Speedster Wigglytuff – Supporter
Lucario – All-Rounder Machamp – All-Rounder
Venusaur – Attacker Absol – Speedster
Mr. Mime – Supporter Slowbro – Defender

Battle Types

  • Attacker – Pokémon that are skilled in doling out high-powered range damage to opponents but have low Endurance or health points
  • Supporter – Pokémon that can inflict status conditions on opponents and heal their allies
  • All-Rounder – Pokémon with balanced Endurance and Offensive stats that are beneficial for fights
  • Speedster – Pokémon with high Mobility and Offense stats that can make quick attacks and score points
  • Defender – Pokémon with high Endurance that can protect allies

Pokémon UNITE team compositions

The game is still in its early days but basic team compositions should be easy to form. This is due to the five types and because the game is 5v5. Players should have one Pokémon from each Battle Type in their composition, but they should be open to experimentation. Also, lane assignments for roles have yet to be discovered. However, from descriptions and early gameplay, each Battle Type is suited for laneing. Finally, for the middle of the map, this MOBA’s version of the jungle, All-Rounders seem to be the consensus Battle Type for the position.

Fans can expect more content and guides for Pokémon UNITE.