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While we all have the Pokémon we adore for their appearance, design, or strength, there are always going to be those that we find annoying. This is especially true for VGC players who battle competitively. Here are the four Pokémon in Pokémon Sword and Shield‘s VGC 2020 format that are an absolute pain to battle against.


Annoying Pokémon VGC

As a Legendary Pokémon, Urshifu has great stats, a strong Gigantamax form, and an excellent movepool. It has access to a couple of extremely annoying moves in Sucker Punch and Wicked Blow. Perhaps the most annoying thing about it, however, is its ability Unseen Fist. This ability allows it to hit enemies even if they use Protect with moves that make direct contact. Since Protect is useless against Urshifu and it has a priority move, there isn’t a lot of room for counterplay.


Dusclops is an absolute nuisance to deal with, but you can’t safely ignore it either. It has access to a host of annoying moves that it can take. It will usually run Trick Room, Ally Switch, and Night Shade, but it can also take moves like Pain Split, Bulldoze, and Haze. Dusclops will also hold an Eviolite, which makes it extremely difficult to KO. On the bright side, if you have a Pokémon with Taunt, that will help you out a lot against it.


If you like sleeping and having your moves redirected, you will absolutely love playing against Amoonguss. It will almost always take Spore and Rage Powder and you have to be extremely careful when Dynamaxing against it because you don’t want to waste your Dynamax because your Pokémon gets put to Sleep. Like Dusclops, it’s bulky and difficult to KO, but if you just ignore it, all your Pokémon will be asleep and you’ll never be able to attack the right target.


Annoying Pokémon VGC 2020

Incineroar brings just about everything a Pokémon can to a team. It has Intimidate to counter your physical attackers, Parting Shot to swap out and hinder opponents further, Fake Out to make an enemy flinch, and Flare Blitz along with Darkest Lariat to deal damage. Combine all of this with the fact that it has a great base attack stat with good bulk and Incineroar is one of the most annoying Pokémon in the franchise.

Do you have any other incredibly annoying Pokémon you hate battling in VGC 2020?