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Nintendo revealed new information about the upcoming DLC for Pokémon Sword and Shield in a Nintendo Direct Mini earlier today. This information includes new images from the Isles, some activities in the DLC, and more information on the new legendary Pokémon, Kubfu.

The Towers of Two Fists

The Towers of Two Fists is a new activity in the Isle of Armor DLC. These towers include a series of battles that players must complete using only Kubfu. There are two towers to choose from, the Tower of Darkness and the Tower of Waters. Players can only choose one tower, and the tower they choose will determine which move Kubfu will learn when it evolves. Kubfu evolves from completing the chosen tower.

Starter Gigantamax forms

All three starting Pokémon, Rillaboom, Cinderace, and Inteleon, are all getting new Gigantamax forms. These forms can be earned from “adventuring through the isles,” according to the official video. Rillaboom will get G-Max Drum Solo, Cinderace will get G-Max Fireball, and Inteleon will get G-Max Hydro Snipe. These moves are stronger than Dynamax moves and ignore the opponent’s abilities. They will have no additional effects.

A look at the map

A first look at the map and new screenshots show that the Isle of Armor is to the east of Galar. It contains several new areas on land, in caves, and at sea. Players will be able to control the camera with the right thumbstick as they can in the Wild Area. There are also raid dens on the ground in the new areas where raid Pokémon will spawn.

The Isle of Armor, the first part of the DLC pack, is scheduled to release sometime before the end of June. It is likely that we will continue to get more information on the DLC over the coming months. Hopefully, we will hear something about the new and returning Pokémon sometime soon!