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Friday has been an exciting day for Pokémon fans with the announcement of Generation 4 remakes: Brilliant Diaomond and Shining Pearl. To cap it all off, The Pokémon Company has officially revealed Pokémon Legends Arceus.

The newest installment to the Pokémon franchise will send players to the Sinnoh region. This region is the home of Pokémon Diamond, Pearl and Platinum. Pokemon Legends Arceus is a departure from the franchise’s norms. It will deliver a different experience for players with open world RPG elements. In the trailer, trainers travel and catch Pokémon in an open world setting.

Pokémon states in the announcement tweet: “Pokemon Legends Arceus was created to deliver an experience that goes beyond the framework that the Pokémon series has had thus far, honoring past games’ core gameplay while infusing new elements.”

The history of Pokémon Legends Arceus

The story for Pokémon Legends Arceus takes place long before the core game series. Players will embark on a journey in the past before there were Pokémon trainers, and even before a Pokémon battle league. Likewise, trainers will need to catch, survey and research wild Pokémon to create the Sinnoh region’s first Pokédex.

Pokémon will be living in the wild in different environments. Players will need to sneak up on them and manually aim Pokéballs to catch them. Ally Pokémon can battle with wild Pokémon, using moves that they know will weaken them. Additionally, there will be three starters from previous games to choose from: the Grass-type Rowlet from Generation seven, the Fire-type Cyndaquil from Generation two and the Water-type Oshawott from Generation five.

Ultimately, as the title suggests, Arceus is central to the game’s plot. “Holding the key to this tale is the Pokémon known as Arceus,” states The Pokémon Company’s official website. Arceus is a mythical Pokémon available to players through special events only. However, it can be any type when given special items found in the Sinnoh region. 

Pokémon Legends Arceus will release exclusively for Nintendo Switch in early 2022.