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Pokémon GO just announced that Ultra League battles are live in the GO Battle League. The Ultra League will replace the Great League as the current battle format in the GO Battle League.

The different formats in Pokémon GO determine which Pokémon players can use. In Ultra League battles, any Pokémon with a CP (Combat Power) of 2,500 or less is legal. This is different from the Great League where Pokémon could only be up to 1,500 CP.

It is still the preseason for the GO Battle League, and this is the first format shift. This means that the meta will undoubtedly change to favor the strongest Pokémon around the 2,500 CP range. The Great League saw a lot of Altaria, Lairon, Swampert, and a number of other Pokémon that were strong in the 1,500 CP range. Don’t expect these to be as powerful in the Ultra League.

Which Pokémon will be strong in the Ultra League?

  • Registeel
  • Giratina (either form)
  • Swampert
  • Poliwrath
  • Regice
  • Cresselia
  • Charizard
  • Alolan Muk

These are all Pokémon that have been popular in Pokémon GO Ultra League tournaments so far. Players who are interested in the format should plan a team around using or countering these. Anything can work with proper planning and play.

Remember that all Pokémon should be as close to 2,500 CP as possible. It is also important to try to have both Charge Moves unlocked and to have them be different types. Having good stats is important too, but not nearly as important as having useful moves and a CP close to 2,500.

The Ultra League battles will work the same way. Players will need to walk 3 kilometers to unlock battling, and then they compete in a series of five battles to gain rewards. How they do in these battles will determine which rewards they earn and their rank.

Since this is part of the same preseason as the Great League, players will keep the rank they earned in the Great League. There will also be a similar shift to Master League in the coming weeks.