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Pokémon Go is always finding new ways to highlight Pokémon and one of the biggest is via its Spotlight Hours.

Spotlight Hours give Pokémon Go players a one-hour window to see a ton of a particular featured Pokémon with extra bonuses up for grabs. This is a great way to level up, shiny hunt, and evolve Pokémon, and the best part is they happen regularly.

Here is a look at all of the upcoming Spotlight Hour events headed to Pokémon Go.

Pokémon Go Spotlight Hour events

Pokémon GO Sinnoh event
Image via Niantic
Event DateFeatured Pokémon Bonuses
Feb. 6Dratini2x Catch XP
Shiny Available
Feb. 13Munna2x Catch Candy
Shiny Available
Feb. 27Sandshrew
Alolan Sandshrew
2x Transfer Candy
Transfer Rare Candy XL odds increase
Shiny Available

What are Spotlight Hours in Pokémon Go?

Spotlight Hours are events in Pokémon Go that highlight particular Pokémon giving players a chance to encounter and capture them in abundance. During these short 60-minute windows expect to see the spawn rate of each featured Pokémon skyrocket.

Thanks to this increased encounter rate Spotlight Hours are the perfect time to seek out Shiny Pokémon. Shiny rates typically remain the same, but since you’re seeing so many more the chance of finding one is much higher.

When do Spotlight Hours take place?

Spotlight Hours take place at 6 pm local time on the date of the event. This means you’ve got until 7 pm to take full advantage and capture as many of the featured Pokémon as you can.

How to prepare for Pokémon Go Spotlight Hours

It’s important to be ready for Spotlight Hours since they don’t last long. Some things that you should have on hand and ready before the event starts are the following.

  • Poke Balls
  • Berries
  • Incense

These three items are very important to help players make the most out of a Spotlight Hour, but there are still other things to consider. Most importantly, you’ll be catching a lot of Pokémon so be sure you have space in your Storage Box to keep them all.

That’s all of the basic information you’ll need to enjoy Pokémon Go’s Spotlight Hours so it’s time to get out there and start catching!