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Are you ready for 2020 to be over? You’re not alone, and now you have a brand new Pokémon GO New Year event to look forward to. The event begins on December 31 at 22:00 local time and runs until January 4 at 22:00.

Here’s everything we know about the event and what to look forward to.

Pokémon GO New Year event 2021


The Pokémon GO New Year event will feature Slowpoke with 2020 glasses that will evolve into Slowbro with 2021 glasses. This will be the only time that you can catch this exclusive Pokémon. In addition to this, you will find Pichu with a New Year’s hat in 2k eggs along with Wyunat, Raticate Wobbuffet, and Wurmple with party hats in 1-star raids, and Eevee with a party hat from Field Research.

Ho-Oh will be appearing in Five-Star raids for the majority of the event. As always, there will be other special event spawns throughout the course of the event. Keep your eyes open for Pokémon you don’t normally see.


During the Pokémon GO New Year event, players will get double hatch candy, double hatch stardust, and it will only take half as much distance to hatch eggs. This should help you get through some of those lengthy 12k eggs.

There will also be special New Year cosmetics in the shop. You will be able to get a New Year hat for yourself or the special 2021 glasses. These items can help spruce your character up for the new year.

Other new content

In addition to the Pokémon GO New Year event, the game will also have new monthly bonuses in January. There will be a new Research Breakthrough Reward, new rotating raid bosses throughout the month, and of course, January Community Day.

Be sure to stay tuned for all the latest Pokémon news and stories and make sure to open up your app and check out the Pokémon GO New Year event when the time comes!