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Twitch streamer “Pokelawls” expressed his thoughts on racial injustice in a live broadcast. Over the last weeks, racial prejudice has turned the world upside down. The gaming and streaming community isn’t immune to the effects of the current political climate. Therefore, organizations, professional players, and content creators are standing up in support of the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement.

Amidst the chaos, pokelawls tweeted a short sentiment, “Black lives matter. I hope real change happens. Be safe.” In response, some Twitter users said they felt poke’s comment was to “avoid backlash.” Similarly, a replier said the streamer is obligated to let his fans think whatever they like and not compel them to agree that racism is bad. Pokelawls didn’t engage with many of the replies, but he went on to share his true feelings.

Influencer’s moral obligation to show support for BLM

In a short discussion about BLM, pokelawls explained some people thought he posted the tweet because he “had” to. On one hand, poke expressed that he feels a responsibility to share his feelings with the world because of his vast outreach. But more importantly, he said his obligation comes from a place of support for BLM. Then he asserted he doesn’t want racist followers in his community.

Pokelaws humbly admitted that, in the grand scheme of things, his tweet affects the movement very little. Despite that, he shared it’s his way of showing support for a community in dire need. What’s more, poke said it helps him weed out unwanted hatred and racism.

During his talk, poke countered those who say his tweet is an act of virtue signaling by saying he truly stands by BLM. He explained that while there are other marginalized groups, African Americans need support at this time.

Pokelawls moved on shortly after expressing his feelings and tried to shift back to his typical light-hearted mood. Perhaps other content creators will follow suit and open up in support of racial injustice.

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