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In recent Magic: The Gathering news, YouTube’s most subscribed content creator Felix Kjellberg, also known as Pewdiepie, put up a video of himself playing MTG Arena. This came as a surprise to many people because, until now, Felix has never really mentioned Magic: The Gathering.

In the above video, Pewdiepie explains that he played Magic when he was younger, but it didn’t really stick with him. In recent years, he and a few friends had begun playing paper Magic but hadn’t gotten into it enough to make videos about it. Most of Pewdiepie’s videos these days focus on reviewing memes, talking about various issues in YouTube and society, and occasionally playing a video game every now and then.  Playing paper Magic really doesn’t fit into any of that.

However, MTG Arena has been exploding in popularity, so it’s no surprise that Felix decided to get into it. He’s been trying, and succeeding, at defending his title as the most subscribed YouTube channel against the Indian company T-Series. The gap between Pewdiepie and T-Series has been closing fairly fast, so it makes sense that Felix would look to capitalize on the massive success of MTG Arena.

The first video he released garnered a lot of really good feedback from the community, so he released a second video.

Despite not playing MTG Arena very long, at least not in the public eye, Pewdiepie managed to hit Mythic rank in the second video. He claims to have gotten to Diamond rank using his White Weenie-style deck titled “Angry White People,” and then switching to his deck “Angry White Women” to get to Mythic since it was better against the never-ending sea of Mono-Red aggro decks at that rank. Angry White Women is a deck playing cards with women on the art and is primarily a White/Red Angels deck.

Overall, community feedback seems very positive. MTG Arena fans are happy to see such a big personality playing and representing the game, and Pewdiepie fans are excited to see Felix actually playing a video game. Thank you all for reading this bit of Magic: The Gathering news, and I’ll see you all in the arena.

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