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PAX Online is here! There’s nine days of nonstop esports and gaming action. Even though PAX West and PAX Aus have gone virtual, there is so much to do. Here’s the low down on one of the biggest digital events of 2020.

PAX Online goes big with EGX Digital

This year, PAX and EGX combine for the biggest gaming event ever. It’s PAX Online x EGX Digital. There’s so much to do from the usual Melbourne International Games Week, to announcements, showcases, and even merchandise. If you feel like you’re missing out on all the cool merch because it’s digital, don’t worry. There’s both PAX Online and EGX Digital merchandise. Limited edition pins, tees, hoodies, and even event badges are all up for grabs. Trackies and masks are the perfect edition for your ISO needs.

Don’t miss out on that merch, because it will definitely go quickly.

PAX Arena and Discord Server

Like all PAX events, the PAX Arena is back for 2020. This is your go to for all things amateur esports. There are competitions for everything from Tony Hawk Pro Skater, to iRacing, Just Dance and heaps more. Check out the full PAX Arena schedule and tune in on Twitch. There’s also some pro competitions with the new ANZ World of Tanks Premier League going live during PAX Online.

If you want to join a tournament, all you need to do is head on over to the Discord Server. This is your place to connect with other attendees, compete in a game, participate in activities and more. It’ll be just like you’re there in person.

Expo Hall

It wouldn’t be PAX without the expo hall. Naturally, being a virtual event, you might expect there to be no expo hall. But there is. It’s all digital and there’s so much happening. The Show Floor goes live right at the start of PAX Online. Check it out for new games and cool content. We’re told there will be new games to try out along with all the usual booth providers. We’re just itching to see them all.

Indie Showcase and PAX Rising

One of the most beloved aspects of PAX is the Indie showcase. This is where up and coming game developers showcase their games. Usually, you’d be able to walk up to their booth and give their game a shot. Since PAX Online is digital, all you need to do is check out the website and play the game. Most of them are available on Steam. There’s over 350 indie games this year. That’s a whole lot of gaming for you to try.

The usual PAX Rising is here too. This is where up and coming publishing companies show off their games. It’s similar to the Indie showcase, but all the games are developed by small teams. You can check out the full list and play some of these games for yourself.

Panels, streams, performances, and charity

With so much already talked about, it’s hard to believe there’s still more. Panel discussions will be plentiful this year with everything from how to get involved in the gaming industry, to guest appearances from Tony Hawk. There’s something for everyone in 2020. Be sure to check the schedule and start locking in your favorite panels.

PAX has always had a fantastic line up of celebrity and influencer streams. With the move to digital, this part of PAX has only been easier. You’ll see some of your favorite streamers listed on the schedule so be sure to check out their streams. Then there’s live music performances and money being raised for charity. There’s plenty of ways PAX Online is giving to the Child’s Play charity. You can join in the donations too by watching, bidding, voting, or even joining a virtual pub crawl. See the charity page for all the details. Whatever you decide, be sure to tune in.

What are you most excited for this year? Will PAX Online 2020 be the year to remember?