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X10 Esports player Patiphan “Patiphan” Chaiwong is taking a break from competitive VALORANT due to a wrist injury, the Thai player has announced on Twitter.

Patiphan has played on, despite his injury, for the last seven months. He recently announced on stream that his doctor recommended he take some rest. Now, a few days later, he has officially announced his break. The 17-year-old most recently played at VALORANT Champions Tour Master 2: Reykjavík, where he developed into a crowd favorite due to his funny antics and individual skill. His break means we will not be seeing him at Masters 3: Berlin.

VCT Masters 3: Berlin without Patiphan

Patiphan has grown into a star VALORANT player. While his team, X10 Esports, was an underdog at Masters 2: Reykjavík, Patiphan himself racked up impressive stats. His most impressive series came against Crazy Raccoon, where he finished with a 42/26 KDR.

X10 Esports ultimately fell to Fnatic, where Patiphan faced fellow crowd favorite Jake “Boaster” Howlett. The two had immediately made a name for themselves with their personalities in interviews and on player cameras, and even entered the stage together with their own flamboyant entrances.

It looks like the upcoming VALORANT event in Berlin won’t feature the joyful dances and extravagance we’ve come to expect from Patiphan.

“First of all I won’t be able to make berlin run with the boys due to my wrist injury,” Patiphan writes in a TwitLonger post. “I’ve been playing with it for 7 months now and it’s time to actually take care of myself. I know i shouldn’t be playing these past months, but i just couldn’t stop overthinking so i decided to go as far as i could and i guess this is my limit now. The injury doesnt affect my performance at all but it’s all about my confidence. Lastly i’m staying with the team and hopefully i’ll come back sooner. I’m sorry that i forced myself and let you all down, See you all at worlds. ✌️”

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