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After rumors spread that the Call of Duty League’s Paris Legion and the Overwatch League’s Paris Eternal might be relocating to Las Vegas in the near future, both teams confirmed the news through Tweets on Wednesday.

The rumors began when journalists pointed out that the teams’ ownership group, c0ntact Gaming, LLC, had filed two separate trademarks that dropped Paris for Vegas. After the Vegas trademarks surfaced, many fans began to speculate that the organization TSM FTX could be in the process of purchasing the teams.

TSM FTX is based in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, and does not currently operate a team in the CDL or OWL. TSM FTX are also one of the few organizations with the capital necessary to purchase two franchised league spots. The CDL’s spots are reportedly worth upward of $25 million each.

It was also reported last year that at least the Paris Legion were looking to sell their slot in the CDL shortly after the 2021 season concluded. Those reports were based on the Paris Legion seemingly abandoning their trademark and patent earlier in 2021.

Nothing was ever reported on the Eternal doing the same, however neither team utilizes the city of Paris as the base of their operations — unlike other teams in the CDL and OWL.

The newly discovered trademarks are public information on the Trademarkia website. There are two trademarks, one for the Vegas Eternal and the other for the Vegas Legion. Under the “Goods and Services” section of the trademarks, it says the trademark will be used for clothing, including shirts, jerseys, sweatshirts, etc. The circa date for both is 2022.