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On Thursday, May 6, the veteran main support player Alberto “neptuNo” González announced his retirement from the Overwatch League, leaving the Paris Eternal effective immediately. He explained in a Twitlonger that his performance at the start of the season wasn’t up to par. After talking to the Eternal management, both parties agreed that stepping away was the right call for neptuNo.

NeptuNo’s journey to the Paris Eternal

For avid fans of the Overwatch League, neptuNo has been a mainstay since the league began. He was one of the key reasons the Philadelphia Fusion started well in the inaugural season, as he played the most maps.

neptuNo Fusion
NeptuNo playing for the Philadelphia Fusion. | Provided by Activision Blizzard

However, as the seasons went on, neptuNo started to move across teams in the league. After the second season, he left the Fusion and joined the expansion team Guangzhou Charge. Staying with the Charge, he moved on and off the bench. When he played, he showed moments of brilliance that harkened back to that first season. However, there were long periods where neptuNo remained inactive on the roster due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Over the offseason, neptuNo joined the Paris Eternal. They were rebuilding after losing their roster and coaching staff to the Dallas Fuel, as well as free agency. The Eternal decided to pick up European talent, with neptuNo being a good veteran that their rookies could learn from. However, the Eternal haven’t started well this season, with only one win in four games.

NeptuNo’s future after retirement

Although his decision to retire is, of course, met with some disappointment, this doesn’t mean the end for neptuNo in the Overwatch League. In his Tweet, he revealed his interest in Overwatch League coaching opportunities.

NeptuNo stated that he enjoyed coaching within the Eternal when needed and that he sees it as a possible transition for him. Although neptuNo was clear that he needs a break from the professional scene, this four-year veteran is likely to come back via coaching and development.