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Regardless of what fighting game style you follow, be it a platform fighter, anime fighter, or traditional one, you’ve likely heard of Panda Global. They have strong rosters for every kind of fighting game, and these rosters are always expanding. After a year of incredible performances which cement him as easily the best Corrin player in the world, Brian “Cosmos” Kalu has joined the PG team as their newest Smash Wii U player.

Panda Global announcing Cosmos as an “up and coming” player is simply incredible when you consider his #17 ranking on the PGRv4. Even more impressive is the fact that PGRv4 was his first time appearing on the rankings. Cosmos took a character in Corrin that most people thought was a mid-tier and made everybody fear facing her.

A lot of this fear is showcased in the mere name of the video that PG linked as a part of their official announcement. Though technically called the “Dragon Lunge,” the community has affectionately nicknamed it the “pin” based on how her sword can pin her and her opponents in place. The video’s title, “INSTAPIN INSTAWIN” quickly explains how powerful the move is. It functions as both a combo starter and a pressure tool that, due to its range and versatility, is nigh unpunishable. Combined with the rest of her moveset, it makes sense how a great player like Cosmos was the 17th best player on the PGRv4 and is guaranteed top 20 again for the PGRv5.


For his part, Cosmos was clearly ecstatic to announce officially that he’s endorsed by PG. After getting third place at CEO 2018 including a win over Samuel “Dabuz” Buzby, PG was good to pick Cosmos up as early as they did. Hopefully PG’s continued support will help Cosmos reach the top 10 potential that others see in him.