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A Palworld character sitting beside a fire in their base, with sleeping Pals around.
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Palworld Precious Pelt use: Sell or keep?

You may have spotted a Precious Pelt in your Palworld inventory, but should you stick it in a storage chest or sell it for Gold Coins?

On your Palworld adventure, you may have stumbled across Precious Pelt. This rare resource can be collected early in the game, but should you sell it, or keep hold of it for later? We’ve got the answer.

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Sometimes, it feels like there is a never-ending amount of things to discover in Palworld, and your imagination is truly your biggest limitation. From building bases to hatching Eggs, and even capturing Pals, there’s an abundance of things to do.

If you’ve accidentally found yourself in possession of a Precious Pelt, but aren’t sure what to do with it, here’s our guide to making the most of it.

How to get Precious Pelt in Palworld

You can get Precious Pelts in Palworld by defeating Field Bosses. The easiest and earliest Field Boss you can take on is Chillet at Level 11, who can be found wandering around the middle of the map close to your spawn location.

Just like any Pal, should you capture or beat Chillet in combat, they will drop their resources, including the Precious Pelt. There are 40 Field Bosses in Palworld, so don’t worry about running out of them.

Chillet, a blue and white dragon-like creature, in Palworld's Paldeck screen.
Field Boss Chillet will drop a Precious Pelt for you. Screenshot via Upcomer

Should I sell or keep Precious Pelts in Palworld?

You should definitely sell any Precious Pelts you acquire in Palworld. In fact, there is no point holding on to Precious Pelts at all, as there are no known crafting recipes that use Precious Pelts as part of their ingredients.

You should sell them any time you come across a Wandering Merchant, as you can offload them for 500 Gold Coins a pop. This is a great way to build up your cash reserves, which you can then use to buy new items and gear, or improve your base.

If you choose to hold on to them, you’ll just end up having a bunch in your Storage Chests or inventory that you can do nothing with, just like I did until I realized they were pointless.

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