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Ore rock being mine in Palworld
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Palworld Ore locations and how to farm it quickly

You're going to need a lot of it.

There are plenty of unique resources in Palworld but one that you’re probably going to use more than any other is Ore.

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Ore is a resource that can be refined into Ignots which are used for pretty much every mid to late-game build so getting an abundance is important. Fortunately, if you know the right spots you can be drowning in Ore in no time.

To help you out we’ve got you covered with the best Ore locations, and some tips on how to mine faster and more efficiently.

Best Palworld Ore location and how to farm quickly

Best Palworld ore farm location
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The best spot that we have found to mine Ore in Palworld can be located at the coordinates (6, -526). This area has a massive flat plot of sand filled with Ore rocks to be mined. 

The best and fastest way to mine Ore in Palworld is by using your Pals so If you set up a base here and get the right workers you can quickly get a massive stockpile to be made into Ingots.

Once you get to the coordinates place down a Pal Computer and set up the usual things you’d need in a base. This will include a flat surface with some Pal beds, a berry farm, a storage box, and the rest of the builds you learned in the tutorial.

After you’ve got the base all ready you need to optimize the right Pals for the talk. Any pal with Mining is going to be capable of getting Ore, but the best ones will do it quicker. Digtoise is the best early and mid-game mining Pal, so if you’ve ventured far enough to encounter it then use that over any others.

The more Pals you have working the faster the mining will go so simply add others who have levels in the Mining stat.

Ore mining locations in Palworld

Palworld Ore farm location
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While the above might be our pick for the best spot to mine Ore in Palworld, it is far from the only spot. In fact, there’s plenty of Ore around the map regardless of how far you are in the game.

Here is a list of coordinates that will lead you to other Ore deposits in Palworld. Once you arrive simply follow the instructions above to start up your base and get mining.

  • (190, -37)
  • (72, -404)
  • (-258, -212)
  • (94, -259)
  • (-250, -454)
  • (155, -390)
  • (123, -544)

With so many options there should be one that’s perfect for your needs, and who knows, it could become your new primary base.

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