Sources: 2-2-2 lock is coming to Overwatch League in stage 4

The biggest change to competitive Overwatch since hero limits.

Overwatch's Icon Sascha Heinisch · 24 Jun 2019


Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Multiple sources inside the Overwatch League have informed Upcomer that the rumoured 2-2-2 lock will be implemented for Stage 4 of this year’s season. At this time, it is not known if the change will also be implemented into the game at large.

The description “2-2-2 lock” refers to a forced composition of two supports, two DPS and two tank heroes. Currently, a team is free to choose as many heroes as they want from any role. Under the new ruleset this will no longer be possible. It is currently not known what will happen to “hybrid” heroes such as Brigitte, who, while categorized in their roles, do not fit their roles’ archetypal definition and would likely struggle to find feasible applications. 

Three years ago, the developers changed the so-called “no hero limit” rule which had allowed teams to select a single hero multiple times. The 2-2-2 lock will therefore be the second fundamental change to the hero selection process in Overwatch.

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Rumours first appeared about the rule change before the mid-season break in mid-May, speculating that the third anniversary event would contain the announcement. According to sources, the date for the eventual change had been delayed several times. At one point, a league official told teams to put the rumours to rest, stating that they were “not considering that for Stage 3, and [they] would closely consult with teams prior to making a major change like that.” Consequently, teams were asked for opinions about the change and its timing in the days following the internal announcement.

Only in early June had the Overwatch League teams been made aware of the rule change that would arrive till the start of stage 4 on July 26th. This leaves teams around six weeks to react to the impending and possibly severe changes to the game.

The change had been widely discussed within the Overwatch community as a solution to the persistent “GOATs” meta, a three support three tank composition that had dominated competitive play for over a year.

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