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Big news for the Toronto Defiant this week in the morning before the first match in stage two of the Overwatch League. It seemed like this team wasn’t going to change much going into stage two, but toward the end of the break, it all changed. The first big news of the day was a surprise retirement from one of the DPS players on the Defiant.

Stellar retires

Do-hyung “Stellar” Lee has officially retired from the Toronto Defiant. He cited in his retirement video that it was due to personal reasons and that he simply could not play professionally anymore. His main role in the team in stage one was as a Brigitte player, which might have something to do with it. Many DPS players in the Overwatch League were forced to play Brigitte to win matches, leaving their favorite heroes alone for a while. This is only speculation though, and Toronto have a player slot to fill now due to this retirement.

This was unfortunate, as Stellar improved a lot as the first stage went on. He wasn’t their best player, but he did his best and got better, and that was all any fan could ask of him. Make sure to wish him the best in whatever he chooses to do.

im37 signs

With the Defiant needing an eight-man roster, a signing was imminent to replace Stellar in his departure. There wasn’t much talk originally about who it could be, but one tweet sparked rumors.

For those who don’t know, this is the account of Korean/Canadian Contenders player Jin “im37” Hong. After sending this tweet, most fans realized that he got signed by an Overwatch League team, as they are based in Los Angeles. With Stellar’s retirement, and this tweet along with Jin’s, people put two and two together.

And on the morning of April 4, it was finally announced. Jin officially became a member of the Toronto Defiant.

im37 has become a rising star, moving from the tier-three Overwatch scene to Overwatch League in under a month. He grew notoriety on streams playing with other Overwatch League-caliber players, such as former player Félix “xQc” Lengyel. After being accused of cheating due to his skill, he proved it was just him and earned respect. He joined Open Division team Wave Check, playing for a match. Then he got signed by American Contenders team Second Wind, playing one match against a very good Mayhem Academy team and winning. Less than a week later, he secured a spot on the Toronto Defiant. Speed-running through the path to pro, as the tweet says. Also, as a nice touch, he is bilingual in English and Korean, adding to communication with coaches and more.

He is mainly a McCree and Widowmaker player, but can also handle Zarya if needed as he did on Second Wind. That’s all for the Defiant news. That also means im37 should be able to start on Friday when Toronto faces off against the Washington Justice.

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