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Overwatch Archives, a seasonal in-game event, releases on April 16th. This year’s event is titled Storm Rising. So far, Overwatch has already teased several new skins that will be releasing with the event. Now, three more skins have been revealed: Deadlock McCree, High Roller Hammond, and Formal: 76.

Players can unlock the skins through the event loot boxes or through purchase with in-game coins during Storm Rising’s duration. Like the other Archives events, most of the skins make references to the backgrounds of the characters, giving fans more insight into each of their stories.

High Roller Hammond

Announced by Playstation’s official Twitter account, Hammond’s newest skin is called “High Roller.” Sporting shades and a new color scheme for his Wrecking Ball, there is not much change to the overall hero silhouette. However, that doesn’t mean it didn’t get some positive reactions. High Roller Hammond will be an Epic rarity skin.

Deadlock McCree

Following the announcement of Wrecking Ball’s new look, Overwatch’s own Twitter account shared a new look for McCree. McCree’s new skin references his time in the outlaw Deadlock Gang, a history he shares with the fellow Overwatch hero Ashe. Appropriately, the new skin is named “Deadlock.”

Interestingly, the skin shows McCree still with both arms. This could indicate that the Storm Rising event may reveal more about McCree’s past and how his arm was lost. Deadlock McCree gets a Legendary rarity.

Formal 76

Finally, Soldier: 76 has some spiffy new threads as well. Known as the “Formal: 76” skin, Soldier will be showing off his formal military blues and some clean white gloves. He is sporting all sorts of awards as well. The new skin suggests a long history of military heroism. Like Deadlock McCree, Formal: 76 will be classified as a Legendary.

With the announcement of these three skins, the total number of leaked skins comes to 6. That list includes the three heroes discussed here, as well as Moira, Junkrat, and newest Overwatch hero, Baptiste.

There is still nearly a week to go before the event begins, leaving plenty of time for new skin teasers or other Storm Rising-related news.  Based on the event achievements, a new Bastion and B.O.B. could be right around the corner. Stay tuned.

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