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If you’re an Overwatch fan then you’re surely familiar with all the Heroes, but what about the people behind the Heroes? Sombra’s Voice Actress, Carolina Ravassa, has taken her talents for voice acting to begin making her own film.

The film, Morgan’s Mask, is about a cosplayer’s struggles during the quarantine. Today, we got a look at one of the cosplays from the film, where Ravassa becomes Sugar Plum Mercy.

The Sugar Plum Mercy cosplay

For being the voice of Sombra, Carolina makes for a great Mercy. She put the cosplay together with the help of @mjasmine_design. @KarlaSolarte is responsible for delivering the excellent photography.

The skin she chose to use, Sugar Plum Mercy, is from the Winter Wonder event and has a Christmas theme. While it’s still a little early for Christmas, consider this cosplay an early present!

One of the coolest elements Mercy cosplays are the wings. These wings are done masterfully. If you look at the skin, the wings are light turquoise with purple trim. Ravassa’s wings go with a slightly different look by giving the wings a soft red tint along with the turquoise.

Her hair is also noticeably different. In Overwatch, Mercy’s hair is blue-green in the Sugar Plum skin. In the cosplay, her hair is black. The darker hair is consistent how with the rest of the outfit looks, which has deeper shades of purple than the traditional skin.

Lastly, there’s Mercy’s Caduceus Staff. Carolina goes with the golden staff here to show off her dedication to the Hero. She dresses it with a scarlet head and lilac embroidery. At the bottom, she added vines, just like the skin has.

Carolina Ravassa Mercy cosplay

Overall, this cosplay does an excellent job giving Sugar Plum Mercy a darker alternative look. It also gives us all a sneak peek at just one of the amazing cosplays we will see in her upcoming film! Be sure to give her a follow on Twitter (@carolinaravassa) for more of her content!