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OverActive Media, the organization behind Toronto Defiant, has revealed Roy Thompson Hall as the homestand games venue for the 2020 Overwatch League season. Located in downtown Toronto and in the entertainment district, Toronto Defiant fans will fill Roy Thompson Hall for all of the team’s matches next season.

Last month, OverActive Media announced that traditional sports and media industry professional Alyson Walker had joined them as the senior vice president of business for the Toronto front office. In an interview with Daily Esports, Walker revealed that there is an emphasis on getting both Torontonians and Canadians to participate and engage with the team.

“From a fan standpoint, I know we’re very focused on creating opportunities for Torontonians and Canadians to learn more about the phenomenon that is global esports, and to associate with brands, players, and teams that they can resonate with and can be a part of,” she said. “The Toronto Defiant has been in L.A., and it will be nice to bring the team and teams, in time, home. We really want to engage fans and give them an opportunity to really make this into what they want it to be.”

Homestand weekends

The inaugural homestand weekend for Toronto Defiant will occur on Apr 18-19 next year. Fans can cheer the Overwatch League team on in the Spring Siege against Atlanta Reign and Washington Justice. As for the Summer Storm event, it will take place on Aug 8-9 next year. Toronto Defiant will duke it out against New York Excelsior and the Paris Eternal.

When Overwatch fans attend these homestand weekend events, they can expect to watch multiple matches, as well as participate in autograph sessions, a free-play zones, cosplay events, and other family-friendly activities.

This homestand games venue reveal was also made alongside the Overwatch League’s public sale of tickets for 2020. Fans can begin purchasing their tickets this month on August 28. Toronto Defiant fans who are interested in getting first access to tickets can also visit defiant.gg to sign up for the latest updates and reminders.

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