Overwatch director offers up characters for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Overwatch director offers up characters for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Over the years, fans have held countless discussions about what characters should join Super Smash Bros. Not only that, many developers have gone on record as wanting their characters to join the fight. We can now add a new group to that list: the characters of Overwatch.

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With Overwatch coming finally heading to the Nintendo Switch later this month, Blizzard Vice President and Overwatch Director Jeff Kaplan sat down with IGN. In that interview, he straight up said that Nintendo is welcome to use any of the game’s many fighters in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. It’s certainly not something we expected to hear from Kaplan. It does, however, speak volumes about their relationship with Nintendo.

Kaplan says take your pick, but he has a favorite

To the Smash Brothers team, whatever character you want, we love them all. They’re all our babies, you can have any single one of them. We have 31 to choose from. […] Tracer’s our girl, Tracer’s our mascot. She’d be my first choice. There’s a lot of great runners up. I think a lot of people can immediately see Doomfist gameplay applying to Smash, but if it were up to me, I’d like to see Tracer.

Tracer would actually be an excellent choice for Smash Bros. Players who already actively use her in Overwatch would probably have no problem utilizing her should she join the already over-packed roster. Smash does have a 5th, yet-to-be-announced DLC fighter, plus many more to come. Could an Overwatch character be on the horizon? Or is the timing of this statement just a mere coincidence? Only time will tell.

Either way, I’m sure Overwatch and Smash fans are probably loving the idea of a crossover. We did recently see what Link could look like in Overwatch, so why not? Personally, I would love to see Tracer, D.Va, Mercy, and many others join Ultimate. Let us know in the comments what you think and whether or not you would want to see a Smash-Overwatch crossover one day.