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The Overwatch developers spoke on a Reddit AMA involving large-scale updates to the original game coming soon, along with teasing a new ping system. After the live stream involving Overwatch 2 on May 20, the team announced that they would take questions on Reddit. Aaron Keller, the game director for Overwatch 2, already announced big changes were coming soon to the original Overwatch. The team answered a lot of questions from fans, along with plenty other developers and artists from Activision Blizzard..

Overwatch developers tease ping system on Reddit

When a fan asked about the possibility of incorporating a ping system, Keller officially responded. He confirmed they “definitely considered it” and have a prototype of it right now in testing. He was adamant about not confirming anything for the near future. Players will remember the update that included new voice lines for competitive play, like fall back and push up. Now, fans who want more, like the Apex Legends ping system, have more information.

This is big news for all players, as Overwatch is a game focused on communication and strategy. Many players choose to not talk to others, but also need to communicate complex plans fast. Without a more complex ping system, issues can arise. Some players may play better without talking heavily in voice chat if Overwatch receives an updated ping system.

Large-scale update to Overwatch “coming very soon”

When former game director Jeff Kaplan left and Keller filled his position, Keller made a statement about a big update coming to Overwatch soon. Nobody was sure when that would be, as Activision Blizzard’s definition of the word ‘soon’ is jokingly inconsistent. When a fan asked about this update on Reddit, Keller answered with a hopeful response. He confirmed multiple big updates coming to the base game soon, with one coming in-between “soon and really soon.” Keller plays into the joke terminology of the word soon, but it’s clear the update is close to release.

Bastion re-work in development for Overwatch 2

During the May 20 live stream, the team said Bastion will change in Overwatch 2. Geoff Goodman, the lead designer, answered fans’ questions about the potential Bastion changes. At first, he clarified what Bastion should be, “a transforming robot, with huge damage potential when he is using his various modes well.” One of the interesting changes he mentioned was changing his turret form.

If you open Overwatch right now and play Bastion, you cannot move in turret mode. But, the development team has been fiddling around with the mechanic. They’ve considered having him move slowly in that form, making him more mobile while doing less damage.

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