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Overwatch hero Doomfist has always been a bit of a wild card. But two years after his release, players are understandably frustrated with how buggy the hero still is.

Overwatch is a complex game. With 30 heroes, some of which have had major reworks, bugs are inevitable. But players argue that Doomfist should be higher in priority for fixes due to the sheer number of bugs.

A massive issue

Redditor u/Cream-Shpee compiled a list of Doomfist bugs almost a year ago, and the number has crept up to 42 bugs in total. Bugs are given two 1-5 rankings. The first is severity, and the second is replicability.

Bugs go from minor to game-breaking. An example of the former is Doomfist’s inability to knock D.va back while she climbs into her mech. An example of the latter is his Rocket Punch’s inconsistency in hitting targets, even straight on. Each is well documented with examples, footage, variants, and descriptions.


Doomfist relies heavily on combos and on timing each ability perfectly. While he can be highly effective, bugs can throw players off and lead to an early death. He’s been buggy since launch, but after 82 fixes across various patches, Doomfist remains the buggiest hero in the game.

Not even necessarily the worst issues

While Doomfist isn’t in the best shape, this is far from the worst bug Overwatch has ever seen. Early this year Xbox One users reported being disconnected when an enemy Wrecking Ball stacks Ultimates. Blizzard was forced to temporarily disable the hero all together on the console.

Players have previously made bug compilations for a range of heroes such as Mei. Reinhardt has also had multiple previous bugs, from charges not working as they should to being unable to Earth Shatter. Doomfist still undeniably has the highest number of bugs in the game though.

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