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Earlier today, the mass populous got their first chance to try out Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War multiplayer. Treyarch released an Alpha test for the game to give fans a small appetite of what’s coming during the beta and at full release. However, this is also a chance for the developers to gather important data that can’t be captured with small sample sizes. So far, there appear to be mixed feelings on the game. While some complaints are null since we’re playing an Alpha, some are valid. How did we feel about the Alpha though?

Black Ops Cold War multiplayer first impressions

Truth be told, this title from Treyarch feels like an old-school Call of Duty and we’re all here for it. While there are some definite aspects to work on, we felt like we transported back to the early 2010s when first playing Black Ops Cold War.

The weapons, for the most part, felt pretty good and brought back that classic gunplay. This was accompanied by a copy and paste version of Modern Warfare’s Gunsmith. The attachments available in the Alpha give us hope for when the game fully opens up.

black ops cold war multiplayer

However, on a more controversial side of things, the movement is a toss-up. The slide-canceling currently present in the game isn’t going to be included with the beta. Treyarch has confirmed they’ve patched the issue. If slide-canceling really is a thing of the past, then the movement in Black Ops Cold War seems like it’s trending in the right direction.

Lastly, let’s talk about the maps in the Alpha. There are three main maps, Moscow, Satellite, and Miami, that most are dissecting early on. Although the graphics on the maps look like a slight downgrade from MW, they played okay most of the time. There were some issues with the camping on Miami and some spawn traps on Satellite, however. Along with this, Moscow might need a slight rework so it doesn’t feel so much like a maze. We thought these were average maps with Satellite being the one that provided the most fun and action.

Overall, the Black Ops Cold War multiplayer Alpha has been enjoyable to play thus far. It’s hard to judge a game when it’s in this state, though, so that’s why we didn’t go too in-depth. The developers still have time to change things up before the beta and full release, so let’s hope they listen to community feedback.

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