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The OrionRank Ultimate has ranked the top 75 Super Smash Bros. Ultimate players in Europe. “Barnard’s Loop” and “EasyFreezie” created the ranking and shared it to Twitter with a graphic on December 9.

An algorithm determined the results of Europe’s OrionRank Ultimate, as opposed to a panel of voters. It does not consider any online tournament results. Instead, it takes into account offline events from January 2019 ‒ March 2020. This effectively includes the entirety of Smash Ultimate’s lifespan before the coronavirus pandemic.

Here are the best players in Europe according to the OrionRank Ultimate:

  1. William “Glutonny” Belaid
  2. Ramin “Mr.R” Delshad
  3. Marcel “quiK” Romagnuolo
  4. Mehrdad “Meru” Mehrafar
  5. William “Leffen” Hjelte
  6. Bart “S1” Ploegmakers
  7. Alain “Space” Balemba
  8. Mehdi “Flow” Zidany
  9. Sem “Supahsemmie” J.
  10. Viktor “Light” Strohmeier
  11. Dennis “iStudying” Kwarteng
  12. Khang “Tru4” Tran
  13. Kevin “Rage” B.
  14. Mohamed “Elexiao” C.
  15. Thomas “Oryon” Scalese
  16. Sam “marisa” Jones (formerly known as “scr” or “Scr7”)
  17. Tarik Fayazi
  18. Luis “LuiS” Silva
  19. Kevin “Tsuna” Kapahnke
  20. Cédric “Homika” C.
  21. Hoang “Longo” Gia Long
  22. Germaine “CurryGovernor” Hatton
  23. Hugo Lancelot Hujala
  24. James “Peli” Hunt
  25. Dylan “Jeda” A.
  26. Habib “Greil” Trabelsi
  27. Javier “MVL” Ureña Marco
  28. Yves “Young Eevey” du Long
  29. Ufuk “cyve” Fidan
  30. Jared “Antireflex” Geerman
  31. Mallory “Maeda” Fontaine
  32. Rayane “Ogey” Noubli
  33. Adam “Armada” Lindgren
  34. Gerard “Greward” Lladó
  35. Marlon “Whoophee” Ryan
  36. Jonas “Sirjon” Scharnetzki
  37. Nassim “Leon” Laib
  38. Robin “RobinGG” Gronau
  39. Lars “ShuC” de Jonge
  40. Lukas “Yetey” H.
  41. Grégori “PeW” Chapet
  42. Piero “firstbones” Primossi
  43. Marc “TriM” W.
  44. Marcus “Vreyvus” Petersson
  45. Vincent “VinS” Goosens
  46. Christian “Sillintor” Zink
  47. Steffan “Streakz” Noel
  48. Dany “Griffith” Mellia
  49. Ismaël “Otakuni” Diakité
  50. Enki Dufoyer
  51. Herman “Loading…” Schröer
  52. Anders “WiiASE” Edh
  53. Robin “DarkThunder” Kurzke
  54. Bruno “Robo~Luigi” Antonio Quatrocchi
  55. Hugo “Tag” Tagliero
  56. Gabriele “Dinamirer” Romano
  57. Thibauld “Jesuischoq” Martin
  58. Lukas “Lucky” Cichon
  59. Mike “Bulby” Stoney
  60. Nico “Tomenimo” Ziccardi
  61. Albert “Pocafeiner” Llopart
  62. George “Le Goat” Simpson
  63. Patrick “SkWiirrel” S.
  64. Thomas “Fekler” Obriot
  65. Arsenio “PurpleDebo” J.
  66. Kyle “Kylethh” Graves
  67. Florian “Manda” A.
  68. Deon Litchmore
  69. Guillem “Willyyy” Gregori Sala
  70. Sam “SBF” Brooks-Franklin
  71. Soner “Azrael” Morina
  72. Enis “Izaw” Al-Maatooq
  73. Nick “Kakpu” Roeser
  74. Destan “Destany” Huynh
  75. Viktor “vyQ” Graf

Honorable Mentions:

  • Magnus “Luigi player” Lais
  • “OwlBBs”
  • Timothy “Plastic Poptart” Dickens

Breaking down the OrionRank Ultimate Europe top 75

Glutonny’s position on the OrionRank Ultimate as the best player in Europe is by no means surprising. He has been top 15 worldwide since the beginning of Ultimate and peaked at No. 8 globally last season. Glutonny has beaten Leonardo “MkLeo” Lopez Perez, Tyler “Marss” Martins, Sota “Zackray” Okada, Paris “Light” Ramirez, and Takuto “Kameme” Ono.

Likewise, Mr.R’s status as No. 2 in Europe is well deserved. He is the only European besides Glutonny to appear on the PGRU, and he did so both PGRU seasons. Mr.R has yet to match his heights from Smash 4, but still boasts wins over many high-level opponents. These include MkLeo, Nairoby “Nairo” Quezada, Eric “ESAM” Lew, and Isami “T” Ikeda.

Leffen’s relative inactivity prevented him from appearing on the last European Smash Ranking. In addition, he narrowly missed top 50 last fall, becoming the first European to appear in the PGRU’s Area 51. However, Leffen’s performances were good enough to secure a top 5 finish on Europe’s OrionRank Ultimate.

Leffen has beaten Gavin “Tweek” Dempsey, Enrique “Maister” Hernández Solís, Saleem “Salem” Young, Chris “WaDi” Boston, and Mr.R. Impressively, he did so while remaining a top 5 Super Smash Bros. Melee player in the world.