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ORDER claimed victory against Mindfreak G in the Overwatch Contenders Australia Season 2 Finals. The 4-0 win makes them back-to-back champions for 2019. The finals were played live at the Melbourne Esports Open. Fans poured into Rod Laver Arena to watch the finale to an incredible series.

ORDER clean sweep Mindfreak G

Melbourne Esports Open seemed to be the home of clean sweeps this weekend. Mammoth clean swept the Chiefs in the OPL Finals. Now, ORDER has clean swept Mindfreak G in the Overwatch Contenders finals.

After losing against the Sydney Dropbears 12 months ago, ORDER is happy to walk away with another win. ORDER already gained their revenge against the Dropbears with a win earlier this year at Intel Extreme Masters in Sydney. But they wanted the Season 2 victory. The win over Mindfreak G in the Season 2 finals could be the start of a new era. Will ORDER become the favorites and continue the path of victory?

ORDER believes their win came down to their teamwork and ‘no-expectations’ attitude:

We’re just happy to be here. We just played our game, we came in with no expectations; we’re just gonna play our game and we’ll see how we can go. And it went pretty darn well to be honest!

Adam “Adam” Soong, though, says their win was inevitable, even planning the victory in advance:

Honestly, the Sym thing was kinda a – I wouldn’t say last second – but it was like we prepared that a week beforehand! There wasn’t much too it, we can out-roll them.

The whole team was very excited about their well-deserved win.

Exhibition match with Washington Justice

One of the perks of winning the Overwatch Contenders Season 2 finals is playing with international talent. Not only does the victor get bragging rights and a trophy, they also earn the chance to play in an exhibition match. Thanks to ESL and TGE Live, Washington Justice came out to Australia to participate in the Melbourne Esports Open. They are the first team in the Overwatch League to play an international exhibition match.

The winner of the Contenders final had the chance to team up with some of the Justice players to create two all-star teams. Three ORDER players and three Washington Justice players sat on each team. It was a Team Corey Vs. Team Stratus showdown. Stratus assured us he’d be the one to win. But alas, Team Corey had the upper hand.

Australian fans were excited to see some top-quality international talent at MEO. Both teams performed valiantly, and they were very evenly matched. In a best-of-five format, both teams were tied heading into the fifth and final game. Point was traded each way, until it was 76% a piece. Corey’s team finally dropped the EMP and took down Stratus’ team.

At the end of the day, they’re all winners. ORDER had the chance to play with amazing talent, and Washington Justice got to travel down under. Washington Justice plan to celebrate their time in Australia by petting some kangaroos!

If you want to rewatch all the excitement, check out the official Overwatch Contenders Twitch channel. We had a chat with some of the players too, so stay tuned for interviews and more from MEO.