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Another classic edition of Toronto Ultra vs. OpTic was in store for fans at CDL Champs 2022.

These teams have been going at it for two straight years, with neither team having superiority over the other. You can guarantee that a match between these two teams will go to a game five. Ultra did knock OpTic out of Champs last season, so there was certainly some revenge on the mind for Texas.

However, OpTic eliminated Ultra from Major IV, so the feeling was mutual. In the team’s latest bout, Texas was the one who got their revenge, beating Toronto 3-2.

As always, OpTic and Ultra were evenly matched across the board. These two squads always put forth a valiant effort against each other, and day number one at Champs 2022 was no different. While there were closer matches in the earlier winner’s bracket games, neither OpTic or Ultra gained too much of an advantage over the other throughout this series. At the end of the day, though, OpTic, finally, had the ice in game five.

OpTic Texas clutch up in S&D over Toronto

The series began with the tried and true Bocage Hardpoint. This map/mode usually starts off any match that features OpTic Texas, and today the map worked in their favor. Texas started out hot, with Seth “Scump” Abner leading the way throughout the entire map. Scump had a vintage map, going off for 35 kills and slaying the entire Toronto roster. Bocage ended with Texas winning by time expiring, as per usual.

After a successful Bocage Hardpoint, the series transitioned to Bocage Search and Destroy. OpTic continued their Bocage dominance, winning the S&D without much trouble. Every member of Texas finished positive while only Tobias “CleanX” Juul Jønsson finished positive for Toronto.

Up 2-0 in the series, OpTic looked to close things out on Gavutu Control. However, Toronto never goes away easily. Despite getting dominated in some rounds, the Ultra managed to take a thrilling Control in five rounds, winning round five on offense. CleanX once again was the MVP for Toronto, dropping 34 kills. CleanX certainly got the best of Scump for most of the map, as Scump died a team-high 31 times.

With the thought of a reverse sweep on every fan’s mind, the series moved to Tuscan Hardpoint. These two squads are equally prolific on this map, and the final score reflected that. Texas trailed for a majority of the map but made things interesting in the end. It wasn’t enough, though, as Toronto pulled away to take the series to a game five.

This time around, it was Cameron “Cammy” McKilligan who led Toronto. Cammy went off for 36 kills while Jamie “Insight” Craven soaked up over two minutes of hill time. On OpTic’s side, Scump had another rough map, finishing -10.

OpTic vs. Ultra came down to Berlin S&D. This hasn’t been a particularly strong map for either team, but Texas has bested Toronto on it more often than not. As always between these two, the map was extremely close, ending with a round 11. Even though Ultra had a 4v3 advantage in the round 11, OpTic made some incredible plays at the A bomb to secure the round and the match.

OpTic won this series on the back of their S&D, something we couldn’t say at all last year. Brandon “Dashy” Otell was the only member of Texas to finish positive in the series, dropping a 1.21 KD. They move on to face the LA Thieves in round two of the winner’s bracket. Toronto drops to the loser’s bracket to face the Boston Breach for their Champs lives.

We’ll be recapping every CDL Champs match throughout the weekend on Upcomer, so stay tuned for more action.

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