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In a tweet early Monday morning, OpTic H3CZ let the Greenwall know what was going on with OpTic Gaming. As he is currently in the middle of a bidding war for his organization, he is unable to disclose too much.

Up against Immortals, who have more to spend, H3CZ is facing long odds. However, it seems unlikely at this point that OpTic Gaming will cease to be a brand regardless of the outcome. Assuming Immortals does purchase OpTic from Infinite Esports, H3CZ will likely take over a smaller role for OpTic.

Although, according to this tweet, H3CZ wants full control of the team he started.

When can we expect a resolution?

Supposedly, a meeting has already taken place among Immortals, H3CZ, and Infinite Esports. It was reported that Monday was meeting day, which makes sense since H3CZ tweeted out an update the next day.

Unfortunately for the Greenwall, nothing seems to have changed. H3CZ says he’s still trying, but it’s a tall task going against Immortals’ checkbook. However, there is some hope for OpTic fans.

When this story first broke, Immortals reportedly were the clear front-runners and a deal was allegedly happening soon. So the fact that a deal has not yet been struck means H3CZ is making some waves. If there’s one man who can pull off the impossible, it’s H3CZ.

There is no time table for a resolution at this point. Though, many expect a winner to emerge from this bidding war within a week or so.

Members of OpTic react to H3CZ’s efforts

While this bidding war is ravaging the community, OpTic teams and creators are still going about their business. However, they are paying attention to the situation very closely and appreciate all H3CZ is doing.

The past two weeks, OpTic Call of Duty has been playing in the CWL Pro League. After a successful match, Seth “Scump” Abner had this to say about the future of OpTic.

Every member of the Greenwall hopes for this as well.

What’s your take on the OpTic Gaming situation? Let us know in the comments below. Keep up with Daily Esports for all OpTic/Immortals updates.