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The story with as many twists as an Agatha Christie novel has taken another turn. The future of OpTic Gaming has apparently come down to OpTic H3CZ and Immortals, with Immortals the front-runners. However, multiple reports are coming out that give hope to the Greenwall even if H3CZ can’t buy back his organization.

When this story first broke, it looked like all hope was lost for OpTic fans. Immortals have a bigger wallet and a better relationship with Infinite Esports than H3CZ. While they do work together, it’s been reported that Infinite and H3CZ do not get along well. This was one of the main reasons Infinite decided to put their stake in OpTic up for sale.

Although, even though it looks like Immortals will acquire OpTic Gaming, all hope isn’t lost for the Greenwall.

A potential compromise for OpTic

We reported earlier in the week that, if OpTic were bought out, H3CZ might retain some control. It’s well known that Immortals are solely after the NA LCS spot OpTic currently has. This leaves the content creation and other esports teams up for grabs.

Though H3CZ is still in the running for the purchase of OpTic, this is a good sign for the organization. Many fans would like to see him have full control like in the old days, but that seems unlikely.

So, if Immortals does take Infinite’s stake in OpTic, H3CZ could potentially take over a smaller role. Mainly presiding over the Call of Duty and content team is what this role would entail.

Although nothing is confirmed, Kevin Hitt, a reporter on this story, further backs this up.

Maybe this means H3CZ and his partners will buy back OpTic. However, the more likely scenario is the OpTic brand staying the same except for the NA LCS spot.

Whichever one it is, it seems like H3CZ feels good about the future. He posted this on his Instagram story earlier today.

OpTic Gaming / Immortals / OpTic H3CZ / Infinite

Coming to a close soon

Kevin Hitt also reports that Infinite Esports will decide on a winner early next week. As stated above, it’s expected that Immortals will win this bid.

Either way, all reports point to OpTic H3CZ and his organization sticking around in some capacity. Whether it is under the umbrella of Immortals or not is the big question looming for the Greenwall.

What do you think will happen with OpTic Gaming? Let us know in the comments below. Stay tuned to Daily Esports for all news regarding the OpTic and Immortals saga.