OpTic Gaming partners with High School Esports League
OpTic Gaming have partnered with the High School Esports League

OpTic Gaming partners with High School Esports League

On July 14, the High School Esports League (HSEL) announced a new partnership with OpTic Gaming, Infinite Esports & Entertainment, and Infinite Esports’ associated organizations. In an effort to “support aspiring young esports athletes,” the companies associated with Infinite Esports & Entertainment pledge to offer increased support for the HSEL program. The first contribution comes from OpTic Gaming, who are supplying an additional $25,000 toward the organization’s competitive prize pool. Soon, other Infinite Esports organizations, such as Triggerfish Partnerships and Team Allegiance, will also become involved.

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What is the High School Esports League (HSEL)?

The HSEL is a competitive esports program for North American high school students. As such, this league acts as a first step for students interested in rising the ranks of competitive esports stardom. Furthermore, it provides a social outlet for competitors while supporting their academic education with scholarships and other incentives. According to the OpTic press release, the HSEL includes “over 900 affiliated schools and 17,000 players.” Their year-long program covers numerous different esports, including League of Legends and CS:GO.

In fact, the first week of the HSEL Nationals just ended on July 14. Along with the previously mentioned titles, the Nationals also include Overwatch, Rocket League, and Hearthstone. Next up is the league’s Summer Open, which features these titles and more. If you’re a high school student interested in esports, check the HSEL website to see if you’re eligible to sign up and compete. Lately, more organizations are becoming involved with esports at the academic level. In turn, each day becomes easier for students to foster their growth both in-game and in the classroom.

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The role of OpTic Gaming and Infinite Esports & Entertainment

The partnership, “Powered By OpTic Gaming,” incorporates the majority of OpTic’s competitive titles. Among these are heavy-hitter newcomers such as Fortnite and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, two titles whose esports scenes are still in their fledgling stages. Meanwhile, Infinite Esports’ associated organizations will represent other titles. Some examples of this include future involvement from Team Allegiance with Rocket League and Sumer Smash Bros., as well as Obey Allegiance and Rainbow Six. So far, OpTic’s involvement also guarantees branding on future HSEL streams and additional non-monetary rewards for prizes.

According to the OpTic Gaming press release, HSEL CEO Mason Mullineoux shared the following:

We are thrilled that OpTic gaming understands that high school level esports is the foundation of a strong esports scene. Working with them opens up so many opportunities for the students, and adds another layer of legitimacy and purpose. We look forward to building this relationship at the professional level, while working to find more ways we can add value to the students esports careers.

With the strong support from OpTic Gaming and their parent Infinite Esports, programs such as the High School Esports League are able to thrive. Hopefully, we continue to see support for academic esports programs, welcoming the next generation of our star players.