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Hector “H3CZ” Rodriguez reportedly reacquired the Optic Gaming brand at the beginning of October. His acquisition of the brand left many questions unanswered. NRG Esports absorbed players and employees under the Optic Gaming brand after it was sold to Immortals. H3CZ became the Co-CEO of NRG Esports alongside Andy Miller and the head of their Call of Duty League team.

Optic Gaming Los Angeles being reacquired by H3CZ was for the purpose of branding. According to Jake Lucky, sources reported that H3CZ wanted the Chicago Huntsmen to become Chicago Optic. However, the Call of Duty League would not allow an established brand to move locations, which means that the Optic Gaming brand has to stay in Los Angeles. This now leaves multiple directions for the Optic Gaming LA brand, as well as H3CZ, to go.

Jake Lucky explained that H3CZ could potentially leave NRG Esports to take over the Optic Gaming brand once more. However, that would mean he would depart from Chicago Huntsmen completely. Multiple individuals moved to NRG Esports to work with H3CZ again. Seth “Scump” Abner and Brandon “Dashy” Otell both moved Call of Duty teams just to be with H3CZ. Dashy recently left Optic Gaming LA to become a starter on the Chicago Huntsmen.

Optic Gaming could possibly dissolve

With H3CZ unable to rebrand the Chicago Huntsmen into the Chicago Optic, there are many directions he could take. He could become the head of Optic Gaming again, or he could stay with the new brand he has already built. That would leave another team to potentially purchase the OGLA spot along with the current roster, which could mean another company re-taking the Optic Gaming brand or possibly burying it forever.

Optic gaming and chicago huntsmen

NRG Esports could potentially migrate to the Los Angeles spot and take over the brand and current roster. Unfortunately, if NRG Esports were to leave the Chicago Huntsmen, that would mean that they would be leaving their current roster behind. That would leave many, like Scump and Dashy, in a tricky spot since they want to work with H3CZ.

The Call of Duty League has made the whole situation rather tricky with not allowing current brands to rebrand. This means the entire situation regarding NRG, Optic, and H3CZ is still up in the air. Nothing has been confirmed yet, and anything can happen in the next few weeks.

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