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After a week of teases and leaks, Treyarch officially announced the launch of a new Operation. Coming to Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 tomorrow on PlayStation 4, Operation Spectre Rising brings a slew of changes with it. Included in these are new weapons, maps, and the return of Spectre from Black Ops 3.

However, the maps are locked behind the Black Ops Season Pass, which costs $50. While a controversial decision, fans knew that Activision had chosen to use this model. If you didn’t purchase the Black Ops Pass, your content is limited, though not by much.

Nonetheless, this Operation is packed with various new items and changes to Black Ops 4.

New changes to Blackout

As per usual with a new Operation, the content is vast in both Blackout and multiplayer. This is the only time that Treyarch adds anything new into the game, so there are a ton of different changes.

In regards to Blackout, new modes and a map alteration come with Operation Spectre Rising. Along with this, several past Black Ops characters are now playable, including Frank Woods, Blackjack, and David Mason. However, Frank Woods is exclusive to Black Ops Pass owners.

On the map itself, Hydro Dam has been blown up, causing the landscape to be flooded. We are unaware if just the northeastern part of the map is flooded or if this has affected a larger chunk of the map. With Alcatraz — no, it didn’t go anywhere — Treyarch made improvements to different gameplay and flow mechanics.

Furthermore, this Operation brings two new game modes. The first is directly related to Spectre, which is called Bounty Hunter. In this mode, players attempt to find a sword and become Spectre to eliminate opponents and win the game. The second mode is a 50v50 all-out brawl, in which two teams of 50 fight it out to be the last remaining squad.

Multiplayer additions

The large majority of additions with this Operation come on the multiplayer side of things. However, as previously stated, the maps are only available to Black Ops Pass owners.

Coming in this map pack are two brand new maps and one remaster. WMD makes its triumphant return from the original Black Ops as the remastered map. According to the teaser posted by Call of Duty on Twitter, it seems as though very little has changed.

The other two maps are named Masquerade and Artifact, both of which were teased on Twitter. Guessing by the names of the maps, one can assume Masquerade will be the colorful amusement park styled map that was shown on social media. Artifact, on the other hand, will be the snowy, desolate map that was shown late last week.

In addition to the maps, new modes – including Prop Hunt – and new weapons will all make their debut in Black Ops 4 along with Spectre. Also, weapon charms, death effects, and a plethora of customization options will be available to all.

Finally, in their update post, Treyarch details what Spectre’s specialist abilities are. If you played Black Ops 3, you probably know about Spectre’s assassin background and weaponry. His Shadow Blade weapon enables users to go into third person, where they can make use of a flurry of stealth attacks to finish off enemies.

On the other side, his tactical ability is the long-awaited Smoke Grenade. Exactly like in previous titles, the Smoke Grenade is thrown and covers an area in smoke. However, this time around, Spectre – and only Spectre – can see through the smoke.

That’s it for Operation Spectre Rising! There are many smaller details Treyarch laid out in their update post if you wish to comb through it all yourself.