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Kim “Lakia” Jong-min has announced his departure from NUTURN Gaming ahead of Stage 3 of the VALORANT Champions Tour in Korea. The team will replace the Masters 2 standout with Choi “10X” Jin-woo. NUTURN’s captain and veteran in-game leader Kang “solo” Geun-chul also said he intends to compete for the team in Stage 3 after expressing interest in retiring after Masters 2 back in May 2021.

Lakia did not reveal his next team in his announcement. “Regarding the next chapter of my career,” he said, “I will return with some exciting news soon.”

Lakia leaves, 10X joins NUTURN

10X played for the now dwindling Rio Company roster for VCT Stage 2. In VCT Stage 1, the Sova player played on the free-agent squad MUYAHO, which was acquired by Rio Company for Stage 2, and the defunct BearClaw Gaming organization. He also competed for T1 Korea before Riot Games locked organization from running more than one team in their title.

The veteran VALORANT player started, like much of Koreas VALORANT competitors, in Counter-Strike. In his switch to VALORANT, he picked up numerous agents to play at a high level. His most played agent is Sova, with over 1000 rounds played. Additionally, he has put substantial time into Sage, Omen and Raze, according to VLR.gg.

10X’s last VALORANT match was against DAMWON Gaming in the Stage 2 Challengers playoff bracket. Along with his teammates on Rio Company, 10X lost 1-2 in the semifinals and failed to qualify for Masters 2. His longtime teammate across BearClaw Gaming and MUTAHO Yu “BuZz” Byung-chul also recently departed from Rio Company to Vision Strikers.

As for NUTURN’s IGL solo, the over 30-year-old competitor said that his retirement “issues” will resolve in June after his exit from Masters 2. Now, the veteran FPS player has renewed his commitment to NUTURN and VALORANT.

NUTURN will debut its new roster on July 2 in the VCT Stage 3 open qualifier. The team will compete in Group B along with three amateur squads, Klaus, Rhthym and oFby.