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There is no single map more iconic in Call of Duty than Nuketown. Originally introduced in the original Black Ops, the map has seen a different iteration in every single sequel since. Treyarch always changes up the design of the map though, so it feels slightly different with every new iteration. In Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, we’re not 100% sure that the map is returning. However, thanks to past games and a new teaser during the open beta, Nuketown’s return is nearly confirmed at this point.

Black Ops Cold War to return Nuketown to the map rotation?

For fans wondering why Nuketown wasn’t included in the beta, it never has been in the past. So just because it isn’t playable during this weekend’s early access experience, it doesn’t mean the full release won’t include the map.

In fact, it seems almost 100% positive that the classic map will return in some form or another. During the Black Ops Cold War Open Beta, on the new map Cartel, players can see an image of the map. The image is found towards the back of the warehouse on a board above a desk.

black ops cold war nuketown map
Image via Activision

The image of Nuketown is just an overview of the map that’s instantly recognizable to any veteran of Call of Duty. While this doesn’t officially confirm the map’s arrival in Black Ops Cold War, it certainly doesn’t hurt its chances of returning. There wouldn’t be much reason for Treyarch to place the image there if they weren’t planning on releasing the map.

Unfortunately, we likely won’t hear much on this front until the full launch on November 13. Treyarch has never fully confirmed Nuketown’s presence until the last minute, so don’t expect any more teasers for a while.

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