Nintendo and Disney partner for new esports competition

Nintendo and Disney partner for new esports competition

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Disney has announced a partnership with Nintendo Switch to create a new esports competition.

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Nintendo Switch Family Showdown

The contest named “Nintendo Switch Family Showdown” features families battling against each other in Nintendo game challenges. Set in the USA, the contest will broadcast on Disney’s platforms like Disney Channel, Disney XD, and the DisneyNOW app. To participate in the competition, players aged six to 18 have to submit a one minute video showing their love for Nintendo. Then, four families will be selected to compete in the Nintendo Switch Family Showdown.

Disney’s presence in Esports

The Nintendo Switch Family Showdown is just another step Disney is taking to launch themselves into the esports world. This past summer, Disney XD launched a new gaming themed program called “D|XP.” The new program features content from the Electronic Sports League (ESL) called “ESL Brawlers” and “ESL Speedrunners”. ESL Brawlers is a show that focuses on Street Fighter V players. The show is an hour long and is seven episodes long. ESL Speedrunners features multiple players competing in various games. The mission is to try and complete the games faster than the other teams. The show is half-an-hour and has seven episodes. Disney XD’s new gaming programming also features content produced with ESPN, Disney Digital Network, IGN, Toronto’s Banger Films and VICE’s Waypoint.

Others in the Esports Market

Disney isn’t the only kids programming network launching themselves in the world of esports. Nickelodeon announced they would be investing 15 million dollars on Super League Gaming (SLG). SLG is a global Esports competition platform with a massive influence on Minecraft. Since 2014, SLG hosts Minecraft themed events, engaging with more than 30,000 kids in competitions. Nickelodeon also announced the addition of the Esports series “Super League Gaming Minecraft City Champs.”

Esports has become one of the biggest markets over the years. It was reported that in 2017, the Esports market was valued at 1.5 billion. In April it was also said that US video game market sales grew by 10% grossing 636 million dollars. Disney is taking another huge step in securing their spot in the growing Esports market. Time will tell just how big of an impact they will have.