Ninja, G2 Esports, Aimlab, and MrBeast win Fall Guys charity skin auction
fall guys charity skin auction finishes
provided by AimLab (Twitter)

Ninja, G2 Esports, Aimlab, and MrBeast win Fall Guys charity skin auction

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After a month of oneupmanship and public bidding wars, the Fall Guys team has accepted a huge $1 million charity donation in return for four new branded skins in their insanely popular game.

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The winning bidders were a consortium formed of megastar streamer Tyler “Ninja” Blevins, YouTuber and philanthropist Jimmy “MrBeast” Donaldson, highly successful multi-game esports team G2 Esports, and FPS practice tool AimLab.

Developer Mediatonic launched the Fall Guys charity skin auction last month. Originally the four winners were publicly outbidding each other. However, just before the 31 August deadline they had a change of heart and came together for this awesome $1 million bid.

All the money will be going to Special Effect, a UK-based charity that helps people with physical and mental disabilities find enjoyment through gaming. AimLab described Special Effect as “one of the best charities to unite gamers.”

Fall Guys has captured the hearts of millions worldwide with its simple but surprisingly deep gameplay and adorable looks. So, a gaming charity drive is certainly fitting within the style of this newly popular title.

Although all four brands posted mock-ups of their potential skins on Twitter, no official details have been released yet. Is has been confirmed however, that each winner will get their own skin despite their combined bid. Just don’t expect Mr Beast’s face to be included in quite the same way!

Fall Guys charity costumes – potential price

Another plus point in this story is that there’s not a huge amount of financial incentive involved for Mediatonic themselves. Nearly all Fall Guys cosmetics are available through earned in-game currency instead of micro-transactions.

The usual selling point for top-tier skins (or costumes) in Fall Guys has been five in-game crowns. Players can grab these by winning, or by progressing through the Battle Pass style system. This unlocks three crowns along the way in Season One.

Otherwise, you can just get good, and you’ll hopefully have five crowns by the time these skins launch. There’s no firm date for that yet however.

So, keep checking with Daily Esports for the latest updates on this feel-good story, as well as all the other important news from the world of esports and gaming.