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Esports broadcaster and company Let’sPlay.Live is teaming up with Uber Eats this week for a special promotion. This is taking place during two special LPL steams on Twitch this week. Not only is it encouraging people to try McDonald’s Filet-O-Fish burger, but it will also showcase Uber Eats’ own promotional game Shark Bait, available on mobile devices. It is fitting that this takes place in New Zealand since the fish used in the burger, Hoki, is native to the country.

Check it out on Twitch

Two “Night Squad” Twitch streams will happen during the lunch hour instead of at night. They will be giving away Uber Eats codes to viewers from New Zealand who tune in during the steam. Over $1,000 USD in Uber Eats codes are expected to be given away. Viewers will get the chance to try out Uber Eats by ordering a Filet-O-Fish through the platform, and the Shark Bait game also offers more chance at extra Uber Eats vouchers.

New talent will be showcased during these live stream events that LPL has recently brought on. This is to add more variety to its programming lineup. CS:GO and Rainbow Six Siege regional tournaments are also hosted by LPL. They even hosted a local ANZ Dota 2 tournament at a high school.

LPL made the acquisition of an ANZ esports organization, Cybergamer, back in December and has ongoing endorsement deals with Logitech and Samsung as well. They seem to know what they are doing.

It will be interesting to see what numbers these special streams attract and if Uber Eats sees a rise in its numbers too. We have reported on more and more unique companies latching onto the world of esports, and it seems to be the trend and almost becoming the norm. Esports has proven to be good for business in the past, so its fitting that companies would want to take advantage of that on an ongoing basis.


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