New York Subliners reverse sweep Minnesota to the loser's bracket
New York Subliners
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New York Subliners reverse sweep Minnesota to the loser’s bracket

NYSL keeps the run alive

Another match at CDL Major IV, another game five; this time, it goes the way of the New York Subliners via their reverse sweep over the Minnesota ROKKR. This was arguably the most important match of the entire season for any team. New York is fighting for their life to earn a spot at Champs. Currently, they sit at 130 CDL Points following their first Major IV win. This still puts them outside the top eight, but they’re inching closer to avoiding the dreaded loser’s bracket.

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Minnesota came into this series strong, as they are also fighting for a Champs berth. They went up 2-0 with relative ease, silencing the New York home crowd. They were on the verge of ending NYSL’s dream run to Champs, but everything changed on map three, Control. The ROKKR now drop to the loser’s bracket where they have to face OpTic Texas. If they lose that match, they’ll officially be disqualified from Champs.

ROKKR cracks under the pressure of the New York Subliners

The Subliners came out in front of their home crowd in Brooklyn with one of the most innovative entrances in the CDL’s history. There was a prayer led by a “pope,” flashing lights, and a terrific hype video. However, this didn’t lead to the Subliners getting off to the best start. They were easily handled by Minnesota on Bocage Hardpoint and Tuscan Search and Destroy. Eli “Standy” Bentz went off in S&D, finishing at a perfect 10-0.

Unfortunately for Standy, that would be his last positive map of the series. NYSL turned the series around in map three on Berlin Control, winning 3-0. They also made some history as the first team to win a defending round despite giving up the A point on Berlin Control.

The momentum gained from the Control win led the Subliners to dominate Minnesota on Tuscan Hardpoint in map four. Matthew “KiSMET” Tinsley was the clear MVP for New York on that map and in the series as a whole. KiSMET was the only member of NYSL to finish above a 1.00 KD in map four.

Thanks to KiSMET’s performance, New York had a chance to reverse sweep Minnesota on Desert Siege Search and Destroy. Despite the monster performance from Dillon “Attach” Price, who finished with 13 kills in the map, the Subliners were able to claw their way to a series victory. This is the New York Subliners’ first win on LAN in 2022 and it couldn’t have come at a better time.

New York moves on to face the Florida Mutineers in round two of the winner’s bracket. Minnesota will play OpTic Texas tomorrow in the loser’s bracket with their season on the line.

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